Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.What is Huduma Namba?

The Huduma Namba is a unique and permanent personal identification number randomly assigned to every resident individual at birth or upon registration/enrolment and only expires or is retired upon the death of the individual.

2.What is a Huduma Card?

A Huduma Card is a digital multipurpose identity card issued to an individual upon registration. The Huduma Card will enable individuals to access various government services as well as use it as a travel document within the East African region. The card will have a person’s data merged and installed in an electronic chip, therefore eliminating the requirement for other identity document identifiers.

3.What is the Legal mandate setting up the Huduma System?

  • Huduma Namba was established through Executive order No. 1 of (2018)and by the statute law (miscellaneous Amendments) Act, 2018, Sec 9A.CAP 107.
  • Formulation of Registration of Persons (NIIMS) Regulations, 2020
  • Formulation of Data Protection (Civil Registration), Regulations 2020

4. When will the Huduma Cards be available?

The Huduma Cards Piloting Issuance started on 1st December, 2020 with the launch done in Machakos and Kiambu Counties on 18th November, 2020, which was then followed by a countrywide distribution that started in February 2021. It is expected that all Kenyan adults who have been registered will be issued their Huduma Card by December, 2021.

5.How do I collect my Huduma Card? Collection of cards will be done once a recipient receives either of the SMS described below:

  1. A recipient will receive an SMS from HUDUMA NAMBA informing them that their card is ready and will be delivered to a certain delivery destination;
  2. If the recipient is not comfortable with the delivery destination indicated, the SMS provides a URL link that the recipient can use to change the delivery destination. Upon using the URL link provided, the recipient will have access to the Huduma Namba portal which has a list of all the existing delivery destination. The delivery destinations provided are all functional National Registration Bureau (NRB) Offices and all the Huduma Centresacross the country. The recipient is then required to select a specific delivery destination that is convenient for them within 48 hours. The card will then be packed and delivered to the chosen destination.
  3. The HUDUMA NAMBA SMS also provides a toll-free line, 0800221111, where the recipient can reach our Call Centre and be assisted in case they have any queries.
  4. The selection process of the delivery destination using the URL link provided in the sms sent is illustrated below:
  • Message sent to the recipient

  1. In case one does not choose a delivery destination, the delivery destination indicated in the first message will be where your card is delivered.
  2. Once the Huduma Card has been delivered to the delivery destination, the recipient will receive another SMS from HUDUMA NAMBA informing them that their card is ready for collection at the selected National Registration Bureau Office or Huduma Centre. This SMS will indicate the serial number of the Huduma Card. The SMS received will be similar to the one illustrated below:

6.How do I know the SMS received is from Huduma Namba?

The sms does not come with a forwarding number i.e. (it has no 07*******/+2547*****) instead it has a forwarding address that reads “HUDUMANAMBA”.

  • The first SMS contains a URL link as shown below;

  • The second SMS confirming delivery of the card to chosen destination has the Serial Number of the Card as shown below;

7.Can I change the delivery destination after submitting the first request?

Once a delivery destination has been selected, the card is produced as per that request. Therefore, it will not be possible to change the delivery destination as the card will have already been produced and dispatched to the chosen delivery destination.

8.Can one share the link they receive via the SMS?

Exposing such data to a third party is a contravention of the Data Protection Act. However, it is okay to share the data if you have the recipient’s consent. An instance where one can share the data is if a person receives the message but has no smart phone, they can share the link to someone with a smart phone so that they can select their preferred delivery destination.

9.I have received an SMS notifying me that my card is ready for collection at Station A. However, I have not responded to select another delivery destination?

In this case, our system auto-selects a delivery destination based on:

  1. The place one indicated during registration to be the CURRENT Physical Location;
  2. If no current Physical Location was provided, then the system selects where the person indicated to be the PERMANENT Physical Location;
  • In case NO current and NO permanent locations were indicated, then the system auto-selects the Home Sub-County as indicated in the recipient’s 2ndgeneration National ID card.

In all the above three cases, the identified location is mapped to the nearest National Registration Bureau (NRB) office or nearest Huduma Centre which is then chosen as the delivery destination.

10.I have received an SMS informing me to collect my Huduma Card from Station A. When I get there, I’m informed the delivery destination is in Station B. Why is this happening?

During the initial card production and distribution of the Huduma Cards, some SMSs were sent for card collection at some National Registration Bureau (NRB) offices which due to technical challenges could not be used for our automated card issuance.

As such, cards destined for such delivery destinations were redirected to the nearest available technically functional National Registration Bureau (NRB) offices.

However, for the current and subsequent production, cards are only sent to functional NRB offices.

11.I have gone to collect my card from the Station I selected after being notified of its delivery and found that the physical card was missing. What should I do?

The issuing officer at the station will take note, escalate the matter and trace it within our automated system. You will thus be required to leave your contact details in order to be informed once the Huduma Card has been traced.

12.I have gone to collect my card after receiving the SMS informing me of its delivery; however, the physical card is present but could not be traced in the system (kits). What should I do?

The issuing officer will inform the ICT officer concerned for further guidance and you will be informed accordingly when the situation is rectified. You will thus be required to leave your contact details.

13.How long does it take for me to finally get the card after selecting my delivery point?

After selecting your preferred delivery destination, the card will be generated and dispatched to the chosen destination. A subsequent SMS from HUDUMA NAMBA will be sent to the recipient once the card has been delivered.

14.Which are the designated centers for the Huduma Card collection?

There are 870 National Registration Bureau (NRB) offices and 52 Huduma Centres across the country which have been indicated as delivery destinations in the dropdown list found in our URL (

15.Others have their cards but I still haven’t received mine?

The printing and personalization of the cards is being done in batches, hence there will be variations in the delivery times. All adults who registered shall have received their cards by the end of 2021.

16.How much does it cost to obtain the card?

The service is absolutely free. The cost of the card has been catered for by the Government.

However, there will be charges for replacement of lost or damaged cards.

In case of any fraudulent call asking for payment to receive their Huduma Card, one is advised to call the Huduma Namba Call Centre on 0800221111 for action on the same.

17.If one registered for the Huduma Namba card in Kenya but has moved out of the country temporarily, how do they pick their card?

They are advised to pick their card when they get back into the country.

However, if they have moved permanently, they can update their residency details and choose their preferred delivery destination through the Huduma Namba Web Portal (

Huduma Cards for those in the Diaspora will be collected in respective Kenyan Embassies and High Commissions as selected through the Huduma Namba Web Portal.


One can also send an email to the Huduma Namba official email address: to select their preferred delivery destination.

18.If one registered with the passport, can they pick their Huduma Namba card using the passport?

Yes. Additionally, the original 2nd generation National Identification Card for Kenyan adults, Refugee Card for refugees and Alien Card for Foreign Nationals will be used to collect the Huduma Card.

19.Can I pick my card with a photocopy of the National ID?

No. You can only pick your Huduma Card with the original 2nd generation National Identification Card or Kenyan Passport for Kenyan citizens, Refugee Card for Refugees, Passport/Alien Card for Foreign Nationals.

20.I received a call from a unique number and the person calling said they are calling from Huduma Namba, is it a valid number?

The official Huduma Namba number is 0800221111. This is the ONLY number that will be used by the Huduma Namba Call Agents to call you.

If you receive a call from a number that is NOT the above claiming they are calling from Huduma Namba, kindly take note of the phone number used to call you and immediately notify our Call Centre through the toll-free number provided above for immediate action to be taken.

21.If I lose my Huduma Namba card, how can I replace it?

You will have to report to the nearest National Registration Bureau Station or Huduma Centre to be assisted.

There will be a fee for replacing lost Huduma cards. The fees to be charged for replacement will be communicated later through a Gazette Notice by the Cabinet Secretary Interior & Coordination of National Government.

22.If I was registered at home, can my Huduma Namba card be delivered at my house?

No. Collection of Huduma Cards, just like the current 2nd Generation National ID, will be collected at the existing, functional National Registration Bureau (NRB) offices and the Huduma Centres across the country and one will be notified on where to collect once the card has been delivered through the HUDUMA NAMBA SMS.

23.If one is incapacitated, sick, living with a disability or too old, how will they pick up their Huduma card?

The local National Government Administrative Officers (NGAOs) i.e. Regional Commissioner, County Commissioner, Deputy County Commissioner, Assistant County Commissioner, Chief and Assistant Chief may need to be informed of such cases so they can intervene and make arrangements with the issuance officers in order to provide mobile issuance services and have the cards delivered to the vulnerable recipients.

24.If one did not include all their details during the initial phase of registration can they change now?

Currently the Card will be printed with the information provided earlier. However, the Government will later open registration as a continuous exercise and its then when people will be able to update their records.

25.Can one pick Huduma Card for someone else?

No. One cannot pick the Huduma Card for someone else since the system is automated and requires the particular recipients to personally collect their cards from their respective delivery destinations.

26.Is the toll-free number usable overseas?

Yes. All you need to add is Kenya’s international code (+254) followed by 080022111.

27.What if the card details are incorrect once the cards are delivered?

People are advised to confirm that their card details as indicated on the face of the card are correct when picking them at the delivery destination. In case of errors, one should indicate the correct details to the issuing officer and leave the card at the delivery destination for correction after which they will be notified through SMS on when to collect.

28.What if a spouse gets the Huduma Card before the other?

The other spouse should wait for a notification from HUDUMA NAMBA when their card is ready. Cards will be produced individually.

29.What if one changes their phone number?

Call the Huduma Namba Call Centre using the toll-free number 0800221111 and inform the Call Agent of the change of phone number. You can also send an email to to indicate the same.

30.Can I use my Huduma Namba Card as an Identity Card to do transactions now?

No. The current National ID (which is the 2nd generation ID) will remain in use as the official National Identity Card until when the Cabinet Secretary degazette and gazette the Huduma Card (3rd generation ID) as the official National Identity Card.

31.Will children (under 18) receive their Huduma Cards?

No. The registered children will get a Huduma Namba which will be linked to their parents’ Huduma Namba and the Huduma Card.

32.What happens to a minor with a Huduma Namba but no Huduma Card and attains the age of 18?

The individual should present themselves to the nearest National Registration Bureau Station or Huduma Centre for update of their particulars, after which the Huduma Card will be processed and be ready for issuance within 90 days. The individual will receive an SMS from HUDUMA NAMBA informing them that their card is ready for collection.

33. When will the Registration for those who did not register in the first phase begin?

Preparation have been put in place for the Second round and therefore continuous registration which will commence within the month of May 2021 on a date to be announced by the Cabinet Secretary/ Principal Secretary State department of interior.

34.How can I check the Status of my Huduma Card

The Huduma Team is currently developing a portal (platform/system) that will enable one to check:

  1. Where their Huduma Card has been delivered for collection (if card is already produced but recipient deleted or did not receive notification SMS)
  2. The status of HudumaCard (if not yet produced)
  3. Whether further details of a person will be required before a card is printed.