Key Stakeholders In Huduma Namba

The Huduma Namba development will be driven by the various stakeholder needs and interventions already received from and/or under implementation by the various state agencies. The main players include:

1. The National Registration Bureau (NRB)

2. The Civil Registration Department (CRD)

3. National Social Security Fund (NSSF)

Lack of an easy and reliable way of identifying individuals claiming benefits from NSSF has been a cause of illegal and fraudulent payments by the Fund over the years.

4. National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF)

Huduma Namba will play a critical role in verifying the authenticity of policy holders whenever making any payments for health care services offered to individuals.

5. Kenya National Bureau Of Statistics (KNBS)

Kenya National Bureau Standard will benefit from the Huduma Namba initially, through cutting cost on the population surveys that it routinely undertakes. As Huduma Namba moves towards full coverage of population data, detailed information on the population will be readily available and easily accessible. This would reduce the cost for national census resulting to savings by the Government.

6. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)

Huduma Namba will assist KRA authenticate information on tax payers through integration of its revenue collection core systems with the Population Master Database. This will help in widening the tax base and spreading the tax brackets thereby contributing to improved revenue collection. Through comparison of Company Registry Ownership details in CR12 with individuals’ identity details in Huduma Namba, KRA will address tax declaration fraud by individuals with multiple companies among other evasion challenges.

7. Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission (IEBC)

Huduma Namba will contribute immensely to management of the voter registration process by ensuring ease of updates and maintenance of a clean voter register. Through linkage to the civil registrar’s births and deaths information, the system will ensure automatic removal of voters from the register once they are reported dead. In addition, through linkage to the National Registration Database, planning and projection of voter registration exercises will be smooth as the number of new eligible voters by district will be easy to determine.

8. National Transport And Safety Authority (NTSA)

Biometric data will facilitate quick access to information during registration and renewal of drivers’ licenses. Further, authentic identification of drivers will ease service delivery and law enforcement in adherence to traffic regulations.

9. Immigration

Huduma Namba will provide accurate and authentic data.

10. Police And Other Security Agencies

Huduma Namba will immensely contribute to enforcement of law and order as secure, authentic and verifiable information on individuals will be made easily accessible, thereby readily establishing the identity of persons, especially of criminal elements, for faster action. This benefit will further be extended to the judicial process thus improving the overall administration of justice.

11. Private Sector

 Financial institutions and insurance companies will, upon request, and in a regulated manner be provided access to the platform for verification of identification documents. Access to some of the data can be monetized to form a potential new revenue stream for the Ministry.